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Solar Panels

Photovoltaic panels are those components whose responsibility it is to capture the energy necessary to feed solar street lights. The technology employed is the result of 20 years of ongoing research and development. In recent years, materials and the manufacturing process have evolved to such a degree that the above-mentioned panels today operate at maximum efficiency.

In the field of solar lighting installations, correct sizing of a system (specifically that of the photovoltaic solar panels) is necessary to meet lighting demands. To choose the precise power for a solar panel, one must be familiar with the true location of the installation along with the number of lighting hours that will be required.

At EKIONA Solar Lighting, we consider all the factors necessary for an accurate sizing of a solar lamp post with the aim of satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers.


The battery, also known as a storage battery, is a device which makes it possible for energy supplied by the sun via a photovoltaic panel to be stored for future use.

Various technologies exist in the market, which distinguish themselves by their internal design (technology of the materials) as well as the functioning of same. In the case of solar installations, the requirements are very specific: there is a need for batteries which operate and function optimally during lengthy and prolonged downloads. These demands are met by GEL and AGM batteries; the latter, at the cutting edge in their field, are those used and integrated by EKIONA in their solar street lights.

With the aim of providing illumination on those days short on sunlight and/or cloudy skies, it is necessary to measure the storage system (the battery) correctly.

At EKIONA Solar Lighting, we take into account the location of the installation as well as the state of the battery in an effort to guarantee lighting on those days when the weather is adverse.

Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller, commonly known as the controller, is an electronic device which controls the state of the batteries and measures the amount of current passing through for any given charge.

Another key feature of the solar charge controller is regulation of the battery charge so that the battery will find itself in an optimal state at all times and be protected from possible overloads or excessive downloads, thus avoiding shortening the battery's lifetime.

In addition to the above-described characteristics, EKIONA Solar Lighting controllers are state-of-the-art and equipped with an automatic electrical tension detector, a preventive system used to handle breakdowns by safeguarding against excessive increases in current and temperature, and an automatic reposition operating feature to ensure maximum performance of the solar lamp post.

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