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In the current market, solar street lights are marketed according to size and capabilities. This means that in the majority of cases theses do not operate adequately because they have not been measured to suit the lighting needs of the customer. In general, existing solar street lights have unchangeable preconfigured settings. The solar street lights themselves are similarly independent of their future locations and lighting needs.

At EKIONA Solar Lighting we aim to satisfy the lighting needs of our customers. To that end, we:

  • Verify the geographical location where the lighting is needed and calculate the real energy production level by measuring the solar radiation at this point.
  • Check the real lighting needs and operative hours required (number of lighting hours).
  • Measure the solar street light according to the above-mentioned parameters and keep in mind:
Light Output Based on the light intensity required (starting at 15 w)
LED Lens Optics LED opening angle relative to the lighting location
Color K Temperature Tone of light emitted. Choice of various tones: warm, medium, cold
Solar Panel Power Power and features of photovoltaic solar panels are defined by the installed LED power and existing solar radiation at the location to be lighted
Battery Capacity A battery is said to have a high or low capacity based on a measurement of the independence of its accumulation system
Pole Height Determined along with the aperture of the LED at the lighting location. Can also be calculated by measuring the area to be lighted
Inclination of the solar panel Optimal photovoltaic solar panel inclination is based on the geographical location, period of use and sizing
Lighting Schedule Lighting schedules can be used for “on” and “off” settings as well as intensity reduction periods
Lighting Intensity Ascertained by customer needs or the location. Intensity is controlled with precision by a system developed at EKIONA
  • All solar street lights are manufactured and tested according to measurements made beforehand.

At EKIONA Solar Lighting we have developed a state-of-the-art KENLOK Electronic Control Unit. Among its main features is the ability to program “on” and “off” settings as well as regulating the intensity of same. In this way, there is a reduction of the lighting intensity as well as energy conservation (representing a longer lifetime for the battery) during periods of lesser use.

On the other hand, our R&D and Innovation Department is developing an ILUMEK Integral Remote Management System which will make it possible to know in real time all data related with the lighting systems, battery charge status, temperatures, intensity, wattage in addition to permitting modification of the lighting and programming settings specified by customers.

With this modern system designed and manufactured by EKIONA Solar Lightingthe customer can check from a distance any problem in the system and will be able to remote-manage any installed solar street light, changing light intensity settings, programming “on” and “off” switches and obtaining total control of the installation.

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