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With the aim of offering the top lighting solar systems on the market, we at EKIONA are betting on creating specialized work teams to obtain the best solutions in design, electronic and optics.

In our EKIONA Solar Lighting Design Department, we develop all the mechanical components of our street lights, in order to improve their performance and quality. We are in a constant state of flux, adapting the latest technologies and offering a state-of-the-art line of products that include:

  • New materials for poles. Aluminum-finish to obtain peak performance in poor weather.
  • New designs for hoppers with the aim of achieving optimal aesthetic, mechanical and dynamic results.
  • Search for better components to maximize features, PV panels, batteries, sensors, and so forth.
  • Assorted set-up procedures to improve the speed of installation.

Both our Electronics and Optics Teams continually develop and improve all our components with the aim of maximizing their efficiency, increasing their reliability and reducing consumption. Similarly, we are in regular contact with the leading LED manufacturers for the design and production of top-of-the-line components to use in our products, specifically:

  • New technologies in the electronics field that offer simplicity, reliability and low-energy consumption.
  • Newly integrated electronic control units which offer additional value.
  • Integration of remote management systems in our lighting solutions.
  • Personalized designs in order to have the features, functions and settings of our solar lighting systems answer the individual needs of our customers.
  • Joint development collaboration with those LED manufacturers whose solutions best coincide with the technological guidelines set by in the areas of reliability and quality.
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