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EKIONA Solar Lighting has developed ILUMEK Telemanagement system, an innovative control and monitoring solution for solar street lighting. Each of the solar street lights comes equipped with a state-of-the-art cordless communications system that periodically transmits data to the other street lights in order to determine the status of each.

The solar street lighting installation is outfitted with a cordless communications device which centralizes the information and forwards it to the management center monitoring the status of the installation. The cordless communications module sends the data to a server which stores and manages the received data.

ILUMEK, allows users the access to their solar street lighting installation from any internet-connected device. Customer will know at any given moment the status of any of the solar street lights installed. It may be checked the status of battery charges, lighting level, and security as well. Likewise, customers can modify the lighting and hourly programming settings to suit their needs.

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