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ZigBee is the specification nomenclature for a group of high-level cordless communication protocols applicable in low-use communications as stipulated by the IEEE standard 802.15.4. Their targets are the applications requiring secure communications with a low rate of data processing and optimal energy use.

This state-of-the-art technology is ideal for communications applications at remote public lighting installations. Its diverse features distinguish it from other technologies in terms of:

  • Low consumption..
  • Mesh network topology (allows for the continued arrival of information to other nodes which use alternative “routes” when one node fails).
  • Easy integration (new nodes can be created using limited electronics).

The development of this technology centers on its simplicity and low cost compared to similar cordless networks belonging to the WPAN family, such as Bluetooth.

At EKIONA Solar Lighting, we believe in ZigBee technology because we aim to offer a communications system between installed solar street lights by using remote management to learn the operative status of lamp posts at all times.

The installation of solar street lights relies on the above system implemented by EKIONA Solar Lighting which allows for communication between lamp posts, which provides the information requested and forwards this information to a management center.

The R&D and Innovation Department at EKIONA Solar Lighting is in continual development in order to offer our customers personalized systems such as proximity sensors, touch sensors and so forth.

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