In order to assure lighting during the whole night, we have developed both the KENLOK control unit and the ILUMEK intelligent management system.


The control unit is able to manage the battery level, avoiding the excesses of under or over charging. It is a totally programmable system that optimizes in an efficient way the energy consume.


Using a high level protocol and a low energy consuming wireless communication system named Zigbee/RF, EKIONA´s street lights are able to communicate among themselves, sending the useful and required information to the management centre.


ILUMEK allows the users to verify the status of each post from any device (PC, tablet or mobile) connected to the internet. At every moment the information about each post will be available, as well as the battery level, lighting strength, security, etc. The online software also allows changes on the parameters of lighting and its schedule, whenever that is considered as necessary by the user.



At EKIONA we create working teams for each project, in order to find the best solutions regarding its design, electronic and lighting of the post.


We are responsible for all the mechanical development, improving the functioning and the quality of each component, adapting the most recent technologies and therefore offering last generation products.


  • New material for the posts, with finishing thought for outdoors.
  • New design for the components´ box, achieving design and mechanical wise an optimal solution.
  • Research for the best parts, concerning the product as one: solar panels, batteries, sensors, lamps, etc.
  • Different and personalized building processes, in order to finish the installations as soon as possible.


We are constantly integrating new electronic technologies, always focusing on reliability, energy savings and simplicity.



The LED technology, in permanent evolution, leads to reduced energy consumptions and great ratios of lighting efficiency, starting from 120 lumens per watt (lm/w). it also reaches a lifespan of over 50,000 hours of use.


One of the most important characteristics of the LED systems is its high level of control, allowing the management of its functioning and lighting according to the necessities or user settings.


Always in touch with the high end companies in the LED industry, EKIONA offers the personalized solution that will fit each project the best, regarding energetic efficiency and technology evolution.

En contacto directo con los líderes en fabricación de sistemas de iluminación basados en tecnología LED, en EKIONA Iluminación Solar adaptamos la referida tecnología ofreciendo los mejores resultados en cuanto a eficiencia energética y evolución tecnológica.



The different components of our solar lights are treated with a stainless finishing, increasing its resistance against corrosion to up to 20 years.


Both the post and the components´ box are manufactured with galvanized steel. This type of process has a finishing that protects the steel from rusts. We also offer an additional painting protection for special salty regions.