First of all, on behalf of the whole team that forms EKIONA, we want to send an affectionate greeting to the people that in these turbulent days are suffering, both personally and professionally, the consequences of the Covid-19.

By this release, we want to express our gratitude to every individual who is putting much effort to collaborate in reducing the harmful impact that the virus is having on our daily lives. We would like to make special mention of the invaluable effort and tireless dedication that the health services are making even at the risk of their own health. Your hard-work and commitment will be worthy. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.

With regard to EKIONA, we have painstakingly made a contingency plan in order to downsize the threatening consequences that the virus may have on us. We prioritized the projects concerning solar streetlights being manufactured at that moment with the aim to deliver them on due date to our clients, by preparing all the set-up so that we can telework from our respective homes.

Thereby, Monday 16th of March at 8.00 pm, everyone in EKIONA was ready to face work in an utterly unusual and unknown but challenging way of working.

After having teleworked during two weeks, we have already adapted to our new work life, and our customers and collaborators are being immediately attended, providing them with excellent service, just as a month ago.

We have the necessary means and ambition to continue taking care of our clients, suppliers and any other interested group. Indeed, we are working on the development of a few new projects, and, especially, on a new cutting-edge model of solar street light that will soon come to light.

We are ready for whatever may come, in the precise situation to improve, innovate, and develop solar lighting solutions.

The hard we do, the impossible we try.

Borja Iñarrairaegui