SKYLINE, the new solar street lighting solution

SKYLINE, the new solar street lighting solution

On the 14th of November, 2017, at the annual event Smart City Expo World Congress, held in Barcelona, EKIONA Solar Lighting launched to the market a new series of solar street light known as Skyline, designed especially for highways, roundabouts and special roads.

The Skyline series has a differential, in comparison with other models, its lighting capacity, allowing the installation in different types of streets and roads. Before the Skyline, solar street lights were limited to low lighting power and post height. Thanks to the intelligent management system developed by EKIONA, it´s possible to develop projects of street lights powered by solar energy that had never been possible before, reaching heights of up to 12 meters and lamps of over 100 watts.

In order to achieve that change, EKIONA has its intelligent electronic control unit that optimizes the production of electricity from the sunlight, manages the consumption of the lamps and the charging and discharging of the batteries. This solution increases the lifespan of all the components of the street light, especially the battery, which is the most sensitive element, and ensuring lighting during all the 365 nights of the year.

As an option, EKIONA offers ILUMEK remote management system that sends all the information from the each light to the software. With this innovative online app it is possible to verify how the installation is functioning, set the lighting level as wished, schedule optimized maintenance, set and manage  notifications and alarms, and also check the amount of energy produced as well as the CO2 volume not sent to the atmosphere thanks to the solar energy use.

The new Skyline Series is already available in the market and the first units will soon be installed in city roads.